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Factories are components allowing users to mint new NFTs following a model.


First of all here is a guide on how to create factories and what you can do with it

Factory definition

As a creator, here is what you will define to create a factorys:
Its Code
the code that will be used to render the NFT
Its customizable properties / seed
Customizable properties allow users to change properties and see a live preview of the rendering, before minting the result.
Instead of properties, you can opt in for letting the user define a "seed" or to have a random seed associated to the NFT at creation, that you can use to do deterministic work.
Its Price
The price users will have to pay to create an NFT from the factory.
Note that like similar platforms, at each creation there is a 10% platform service fee that will be transfered to the BeyondNFT deployer (i.e: if your factory has a cost of 1eth, you receive 0.9 and BeyondNFT 0.1 for every mint)
Its Supply
how many times this factory can be used (can be infinite)
secondary sales royalties amount that you want to receive when NFTs are sold on BeyondNFT

Factory Creation

Note that factories on the main website will be individually activated by Beyond, and that we will only do so after being able to check that it works properly on the test environment.
This is in order to check that the factory is not a copy of something existing and be sure that it works properly.
Please create a version there before and ask for review on our discord or twitter.

When you get the go from us, you will do a transaction in order to register the factory in our Factory contract.
After verification by our team, it will after this be available for users to mint from.