About BeyondNFT

Why BeyondNFT?

NFTs have been a hot subject since a few years now.
Whether Art, Game Assets, goods representation, ... they have a wide range of use.

However, we have mainly been stuck with “static” NFTs. Objects that don’t evolve with time or owners: Generative arts that must be transformed into GIFs (losing quality and definitely awesomeness) to be seen.
And if there is one thing that the digital world tought us, that the crypto world tought us, we can always go beyond that.

This is why BeyondNFT is born. First as a mean for artists to create interactive and dynamic art, it is now much more.

Minigames? Music or video distribution? Badges with variable data? Animated kitties that you can truly interact with? As long as you can code it, it’s possible.

You can see a few examples of what are interactive NFTs in the Gallery.
On BeyondNFT you can interact with those, and until they are supported on on other platforms, you can see them “images" for now.

Although we hope they will soon follow us Beyond what we already have.

Etheum in a balloon

How does it work?

Interactive NFTs are fully compatible with ERC721 and ERC1155 standard.
They are build on those standards, only declaring a specific property that says “I’m an Interactive NFT”.

This property will describe how the NFT should work. Where to find its code, its configuration, its dependencies. The combination of all this is what makes the magic happen.

We developped several components doing most of the work. They are intended to be used by platforms like OpenSea, Rarible and co, but also directly by users on any website with a simple "embeddable snippet".
Also this is an open source "standard", and everyone is welcome to participate to the on-going development.

Developers that want to allow their users to create dynamic NFTs are also invited to see the Sandbox repository as it is where lies all the documentations and description of the content of the property.


Let's create!

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